Since we’ve established our presence online, we’ve noticed a number of interesting trends as far as our new customer base. Not only have we observed how the web has improved our ability to reach out to and supply the needs of businesses operating further away from us than ever before, but we’ve also increased our exposure to a growing number of small- to mid-sized businesses that want to work with us. Since many of these businesses don’t necessarily have the same commercial capital as some of our larger customers, we’ve decided to make our company’s services more accessible and affordable, by offering the option of making their purchases via credit card.

Additionally, we’ve decided to expand our sales force this April. We will be adding an experienced person in our industry, a consummate professional with business contacts domestically and overseas. With this new member of our staff, we’ll enhance our ability to provide a wider range of product and service requests (both interstate and overseas). We’ll be able to offer more options to better fit our customers’ changing needs for simpler, all the while retaining our capacity to take on the traditional tough assignments we’ve always taken on. Our exposure to both domestic and international supply opportunities will be greatly increased.

With these new resources in place, we continue to expand our ability to help our customers build their businesses through lower costs, shorter delivery times, and consistently excellent service and quality.

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